General Info

A few things that might be helpful for your journey!

International dial code:
+267 / 00267

Time Zone:
GMT + 2 hours year round 

Speed Limits:
The national speed limit on the tar roads in Botswana is up to 120km/h. When you are passing through a town however, these may be reduced to between 60-80km/h. It is very important to adhere to the speed limits, as the traffic department is very serious about the limitations and sets up regular speed traps. If caught, you need to pay a fine in Pula, as they rarely accept another currency and normally the ticket would have to paid in that town's jurisdiction.  

Standard Voltage is 230V and frequency 50hz. Both round (RSA) and square (UK) wall sockets are used and it would be suggested to bring a multifunctional travel adaptor, which can be used for both. US appliances are likely to need both a travel adaptor as well as voltage converter

Wi-Fi & Mobile connectivity:
Wi-Fi is only available in some areas and lodges. It is unlikely you will have access at remote campsites in the national parks. This is similar with Mobile connectivity. For a more detailed information head to our Wi-Fi & Mobile Connectivity section. 

Is tap water drinkable in Botswana:
Although water is safe to drink in most areas of Botswana, it is suggested to purchase bottled water where possible. Rather be safe than spoil your holiday with an upset stomach. 

Duty free allowance:
The following items can be imported into Botswana without incurring any customs duty. Tobacco and alcohol allowances are only applicable to adults. Do bear in mind that alcoholic beverages will not be allowed on light aircrafts. 
  • ​250 Cigarettes, 20 Cigars and/or 250g Tobacco
  • 2 Litres of Wine, 1 Litre of Spirits
  • 50ml perfume and 250ml eau de toilette
  • Goods up to the value of ZAR500 (USD $36) from within the SACU zone (Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland) and to the value of ZAR3,000 (USD $218) from outside the zone

Permits & Imports:
Please find below a list of items that either require a permit, or are prohibited to bring into the country. 
  • Import of weapons, ammunition, narcotics and pornography is prohibited
  • Plants, boats, pets, or other animals require an import permit
  • Small amounts of fresh food are allowed, but a permit is required for larger quantities. Please note that meat is prohibited to import in certain areas due to foot and mouth disease, which affects most of northern Botswana and is controlled at veterinary checkpoints. 
  • Drones require a permited which can be applied with the CAAB. Find more info on how to apply here

Currency & ATM's:
 Please refer to our Currency & Money Matters section.

Tipping in Botswana:
It is standard to tip on a safari in Botswana, especially when participating in guided activities, however not compulsory. The amount is debatable and we only mention some guidelines which can be adjusted, according to your budget and the level of service received.
  • U$5 per guest per guided activity or per guest per nights stay on a fully inclusive basis
  • U$10 per guest per nights accommodation if placed in a communal tipping box
  • U$2-3 for porterage per movement