Wi-Fi & Mobile Connectivity

How to stay in touch

Wi-Fi or WiFi:
When travelling to Botswana, you will not be able to connect to the internet everwhere you go. Originally, WiFi connection was hardly offered at any of the accommodations, however, due to continuous demand it is slowly being introduced across the country. Due to the remote location of some of the camps, it is not a service that can be expected and if it is a requirement, you should enquire with your accommodation provider or tour operator at the time of booking. 

NB: You will rarely find that you have WiFi connection in your room and access is usually limited to the main area. Some lodges that lack a WiFi connection, may have a communal computer with internet that you are free to use.  

Please remember that the internet speed will not be comparable to what you are used to at home and can be very slow. 

Mobile Phone Coverage:
This has improved significantly over the last years, however is still mostly restricted to cities and villages. You will lose signal if you are heading a significant distance outside of the town/village, or into any of the national parks. When travelling via self-drive, dependent on the locations you are visiting, you should consider hiring a satellite phone.  

For the standard tarred routes, a local SIM Card is sufficient in most cases and can be obtained in the larger cities of Botswana such as Maun, Kasane, Gaborone, Francistown, Ghanzi. There are additional shops or stalls in some of the smaller towns that also sell SIM Card starter packs, but one should not rely on these being in stock. A local SIM card will significantly reduce the cost of phone calls within Botswana and costs around BWP10. You will then additionally need to purchase a Top-Up voucher, which is available in various denominations. 

The major mobile networks are Mascom and Orange. For a map of the cellular phone coverage in Botswana, you can refer to the Orange Website which will give you a better understanding of the available mobile network in Botswana.