The gateway to the Okavango Panhandle

Shakawe is a small fishing town located in the northwestern corner of Botswana. Given its location, it provides easy access to the Okavango Panhandle, which contains the largest fishery in Botswana. Not only does Shakawe provide a home to a large number of local fisherman, the region also attracts tourists who want to take part in activities, such as tiger fishing. 

For tourists, Shakawe is unlikely to be more than a stop to refuel and stock up, before heading to your accommodation outside of town. This region is ideal for the traveller on a budget, who is unable to afford a fly-in safari into the heart of the Okavango Delta. It also provides an alternative for self-drivers who do not have a 4x4 vehicle, or sufficient 4x4 driving experience, since a great deal of the lodges provide easy accesswith no extra skills necessary. 

Things to do in Shakawe:
There are no activities offered in the town of Shakawe (do contact me if you know otherwise). Most activities take place around the city, for example Tsodilo Hills is based roughly 40km south of Shakawe, where you can see ancient rock paintings. Dependent on your accommodation, you may also have the opportunity to head onto the water by boat and mokoro, or enjoy a guided walk on the surrounding islands. One of the major attractions is the Barbel Run, which takes place around September & October once the water levels start dropping, which attracts a large number of Tiger Fish. If youre special interest is birdwatching, this is also a great place to visit year round, but especially in summer. 
How to get to Shakawe:
By aircraft: Shakawe airport provides an entry point for charter airlines, but no scheduled flights depart from here. Some of the surrounding lodges have their own airstrip (Nguma Island Lodge, Nxamaseri Island Lodge). 

By car: All access roads are tarred, and you can arrive with the vehicle of your choice on the A35, either arriving from Sehitwa (south), or the Mohembo Borderpost to Namibia (north). 
By bus: N/A

By Train: N/A 

Where to stay in Shakawe:
Accommodation in Shakawe is mostly spread around the outskirts of town, and ranges from campsites to 3-4 star accommodation. Select your accommodation carefully according to your interests, whether it is ancient rock art, birding or fishing.