If you want to see Meerkats

Gweta is a small village located on the south side of the A3 running from Nata to Maun. Given it's close proximity to the Ntwetwe Salt pan, the largest of the pans in the region, the town concentrates on showing tourists what the area has to offer. There is a petrol station although I don't rely on it since it was out of fuel on my last visit. One can stock up on basic things when passing through, but don't expect a large variety.  

Things to do in Gweta:
It may not sound like Gweta has a lot to offer, but there are plenty of things to do during your stay. Bear in mind that the activities vary dependent on the season you are visiting and camping out on the saltpans for example, is only possible during the dry season between May/June and October. During summer the pans will be filled with water, attracting a large number of birds who come to breed. To begin with, there are several variations of tours to the Ntwetwe salt pans, half day, full day, overnight, some even by quadbike. Sundowner walks are offered to the Baobab tree forest, or seperate excursions to the Greens or Chapman's Baobab, the latter which has fallen during January of 2016, but it's still worth a visit. If you are interested in culture it is possible to partake in a village tour and not forgetting my favourite, visiting the habituated meerkats. Some of the accommodations also offer activities with San Bushmen, as well as horse riding excursions.  
How to get to Gweta:
By aircraft: Gweta Airport is accessible to local charter airlines. No scheduled flights arrive/depart from here. 

By car: All roads heading in and out of Gweta are tarred, although some of the road between Gweta and Nata washed away during the rains of 2016-2017. The A3 runs from Nata (east) via Gweta to Maun (west). 
By bus: N/A

By train: N/A 

Where to stay in Gweta:
There is something here for everyone whether on a budget or if you want to splurge. Planet Baobab is a firm favourite and offers all the relevant activities to the region. If you prefer a fully inclusive program and more secluded location San Camp is a great choice and located right next to the salt pans. 

Please click here for a list of accommodation.