Nata is unlikely to come across your path, unless you are on a self-drive safari. It is the perfect stopover between either Kasane and Francistown, or Kasane and Maun. Thanks to the increasing number of tourists passing through, business has increased and one can now count 3 petrol stations, a garage, a bank, an ATM as well as a few shops to pick up supplies. 

Things to do in Nata:
The town itself is as mentioned above, mainly designed to stock up on food and fuel, or used as a stopover. Nevertheless, it is not completely pointless spending a night or more, dependent on your interests. Your experience will vary tremendously according to the time of year you visit. Summer is best for birding as the nearby Sowa pans collect water, which attracts a large number of migratory birds such as flamingo, who uses this as their breeding ground. If you are an avid birder, make sure you include some time to visit the Nata Bird Sanctuary, where this spectacle can be witnessed. Some of the species remain year round throughout the dry season (May/June - September/October), during which time antelope such as Wildebeest and Springbok can also be seen. Nata Lodge also offers a village tour. 
How to get to Nata:
By aircraft:  Nata Airport is accessible to local charter airlines. No scheduled flights arrive/depart from here. 

By car:  All roads heading in and out of Nata are tarred, and no special vehicle is required. The A3 runs past Nata to Maun (west) and Francistown (southeast). The A33 takes you from Nata to Kasane (north). 
By bus: N/A

By train: N/A 

Where to stay in Nata:
There are several accommodation options available in and around Nata, although it can get a bit full during peak season. Nata Lodge is a firm favourite and based just south of town en-route to Francistown