Packing List

What to pack on your holiday to Botswana!

Botswana offers you "typical" hot african weather during summer, however the winter months can be duly underestimated, especially in the coldest month, which is July. During the day the temperature will pick up, but as the sun sets, it can get rather nippy and occasionally temperatures drop to below freezing at night. If travelling during the cooler months, we suggest packing for both seasons. For further information on weather and climate, please also refer to the Botswana Climate & Seasons section. Please find below a list of additional items to consider taking with on your travels.

Packing List for a traditional self-drive or fly-in Safari:

  • Small first aid kit including plasters, bandage, diarrhea medication, antacid, painkillers, malaria prophylaxis (also see health precautions & vaccinations), insect repellant, chronic medication, motion sickness medicine (optional)
  • Hat, sunglasses, sun protection and multifunctional headwear (TIP: sunglasses and multifunctional headgear are invaluable when taking a boat cruise in the delta. It helps avoid small insects from flying in your eyes or mouth at dusk and dawn)
  • Moisturizing lotion and lip palm (if you head out on daily boat cruises and game drives on open vehicles you will need that lip balm) 
  • Comfortable, closed walking shoes 
  • Binoculars and/or camera (don't forget the power cable and/or batteries)
  • Travel adaptor (more info on the type of adaptor on the general info page)
  • Swimsuit
  • If you are on a fly in safari, remember to travel with a softbag that does not have any hard edges or wheels. Check with your airline for luggage restrictions. 
  • Passport (also see visa & passport requirements for Botswana)
  • Debit/credit cards

Check list for a more off the beaten track self-drive (included with some vehicle rentals):
  • All of the above
  • Jerry Cans for extra fuel
  • Canister for extra drinking water
  • Satellite phone (usually available via the vehicle rental company)
  • GPS & detailed maps to plan where to stock up on fuel and food
  • Second spare tyre, tyre pressure gauge & compressor
  • Tow rope, sand ladders, spade
  • 12 v car charger (cigarette lighter)
  • Torch
  • All relevant kitchen and sleeping gear including sleeping bag & pillow