Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency who do you call?

If you are on a fly-in or guided safari, it is likely your package already includes emergency evacuation insurance and we recommended to query this with the supplier to be certain. Should you however be on a self-drive safari with a rental car, or perhaps you are travelling with your own vehicle, who do you call in case of emergency? We have created a list of emergency contact numbers for travelling in Botswana. Also see our travel insurance section for further information on travelling safe! 

NB: Even if you purchase a Sim Card from one of the local network providers such as Mascom or Orange, you will not have signal throughout your entire journey (see our Wi-Fi & Mobile Connectivity section for more info). If you head off the beaten track (away from the main tarred roads) it is suggested to hire a satellite phone for your journey. 

Emergency Assist 991/Ambulance (Pre-hospital emergency services such as emergency evacuation by road or air as well as roadside assistance):
Contact: 991 (toll free) or +267 390 4537
Website: http://emergencyassist.co.bw

Okavango Air Rescue (Emergency evacuation by helicopter). Membership fee can be paid at Maun airport offices or online via their website at BWP175 for foreigners, BWP150 for citizens. 
Contact: +267 686 1616
Website: okavangorescue.com

Contact: 997 (toll free)

Fire Brigade
Contact: 998 (toll free)

Contact: 999 (toll free) 

NB: All toll free numbers can only be dialled from a local service providers Sim card.