Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is considered essential!

"What if" is a question that should be considered before departing on any holiday.

  • What if you fall ill before travel and you are unable to travel?
  • What if your luggage doesn't arrive?
  • What if the unthinkable happens and you are involved in an accident at your holiday destination?

The following aspects should be considered when purchasing travel insurance for your holiday to Botswana:
  • Emergency medical assistance - should you require hospitalisation in Botswana
  • Emergency evacuation cover - Botswana is a large country with a limited number of hospitals and it is likely that if an accident occurs you are several hours away from the nearest medical facility. If your insurance does not include this, which is often the case, you could opt to book Emergency Evacuation Cover seperately with a reliable local service such as Okavango Air Rescue
  • Cancellation or curtailment - should your holiday get cancelled or you need to cancel your holiday for any reason
  • Travel delay - should your flight be delayed for any reason and your travel arrangements at your holiday destination need to be adjusted. 
  • Baggage cover - should your luggage not arrive at your destination, this allows you to claim some of the additional expenses incurred. 
  • Extreme Sports - If you plan on participating in an activity that is slightly out of the ordinary, please add this to the list of activities you will be participating in to ensure you are covered. Although I do not officially class all of these as extreme sports the following may fall under this category: quad biking, horse riding, boating, mokoro, game drives (the last 2 fall under Safari Activities). 

If you have yet to purchase your travel insurance we recommend World Nomads which offers both a standard and advanced cover as well as the option to include any of the above listed extreme sports. Follow the link above or enter your details below to get an estimated price for your trip.